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Botulinum toxin acts by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the junctions between nerves and muscles (neuromuscular plates). Acetylcholine is the substance released by the motor nerve in order to transmit the impulse for contraction to the muscle, and the injection of botulinum toxin thus has the effect of weakening the contraction of the muscle involved.

The treatment is used to counteract the (dynamic) wrinkles of expression formed as a result of accentuated and repeated contraction of muscles of the forehead and the corrugator supercilii. As the muscles are weakened, the skin above them is no longer creased and the wrinkles gradually disappear. The effect of Botox injections therefore proves particularly effective for glabellar wrinkles (between the eyebrows and the root of the nose), crow’s feet (beside the eyelids), and horizontal lines on the forehead.

After dilution, the protein is quickly and simply introduced into the wrinkle-causing muscles by means of a few microinjections with a very fine and painless needle.

The effect of botulinum toxin is not immediate and patients must wait 3–7 days to see the results, which are temporary and fade after 3–6 months but become more lasting with repetition. Botox treatment is safe and reversible and creates no discomfort. In the period immediately after the injection, however, it is essential to refrain from rubbing the area involved, from sport, and from using make-up in order to avoid the substance spreading to other areas where it could give rise to side effects.

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