Dott. Armando Boccieri
Medicina 33 - 26 May 2014 Medicina 33 - 31 December 2015

Armando BoccieriI am a physician trained in public hospitals through contact over the years with colleagues and patients, first in the fields of ENT and plastic surgery, and then in maxillofacial surgery at the San Camillo hospital in Rome, where I am currently head of the specialized department of nasal surgery. The great interest I developed in nasal surgery many years ago soon became the authentic passion I still feel today. I has been my good fortune to have extraordinary masters both inside and outside Italy and to learn invaluable secrets by working with them. Among these great names in nasal surgery, I am indebted above all to Prof. Lionello Ponti, my head of department for many years in San Camillo, and Prof. Russell Kridel, with whom I had the opportunity to work in Houston and to learn some special surgical techniques that I have since performed and made known in Italy.

Lionello Ponti

Prof. Lionello Ponti, a pioneer of rhinoplasty in Italy and my first master



With Russel Kridel, another great master of nasal surgery, in Huston

When I perform a rhinoplasty, I feel that what I am doing is not so much a job as something that allows me to express not only my professional experience but also my artistic personality. My passion for rhinoplasty may stem precisely from this. For me it is a creative act.
Nasal plastic surgeons must have a broad range of technical equipment at their disposal to be placed at their patients’ service. Every nose is a unique case, just as every face is unique and every person is different from all the others. This is why I always seek to establish a good human relationship and rapport with those who come to me for rhinoplasty. This is the most important aspect in order to achieve a good result. The aesthetic change is not something to be decided upon by the surgeon on the basis of his or her personal taste but rather something to be agreed upon with the patient after careful joint appraisal of what is technically feasible and advisable.

Sala operatoria The surgical operation is only one section of a long chain made up of many other and equally important link including the preoperative examinations, photographs, computer simulation, answering questions and dispelling doubts before the operation and boosting morale before entering the operating theatre as well as postoperative therapy, medication and follow-up.
I believe that every stage of the therapeutic pathway is important and that the importance of the patient’s psychological state should never be underestimated in this sector of surgery.
Another aspect of my professional approach is constant endeavour to obtain better results, often by calling obsolete technical procedures into question and seeking others more capable of solving the problems presented by patients. This constant drive for progress underpins my scientific studies and consequent invention of some innovative surgical techniques that have found favour both inside and outside Italy.

In response to the initial question, I can conclude briefly by saying that I am a surgeon with a great passion for rhinoplasty, to which I have devoted most of my life.