Dott. Armando Boccieri

Testimonial from the patient

"Dr Boccieri, thanking you for your professional expertise is the very least I can do. You cannot imagine how your operation changed my life. I still remember when we first met and your courteous, reassuring presence convinced me that you were the right person to solve my “little” problem of a hump on my nose that made me so shy and vulnerable, not to mention the constant sneezing in the morning due to deviation of the nasal septum, which was perhaps the major problem. It may seem silly but that little flaw caused me all sorts of psychological problems. I was very self-conscious and whenever anyone looked at me I thought they were just staring at my nose. I still have a vivid memory of the day of the operation, your green cap, your smiled, your assistants, and my face on reawakening. My parents still laugh about how I thanked everyone as soon as I opened my eyes. I was over the moon, Dr Boccieri had made my dreams come true! Pain? What pain? I really don’t remember any. I just saw my face completely changed on removal of the tampons. It was harmonious. My nose was perfect and the most important thing was that I could breathe perfectly. In short, my shyness disappeared. I felt happy with myself, strong and self-confident. It is thanks to this operation that I had the courage to break into the world of fashion and become a professional model."

                        N. L.


Testimonial from the patient

The morphology of my nose prior to the operation of revision rhinoplasty created a condition of existential and relational anxiety, especially in the working environment, which had gone on for years with repercussions in my private and professional life. My long and tormented clinical history regarding the septorhinoplasty began about eight years ago with a catastrophic operation at a hospital in Naples. The removal of cartilage caused the collapse a nasal wall with both functional and aesthetic damage. One year later I underwent electrosurgery to reduce the scarring and adherence with a view to functional improvement at least, but without obtaining any benefit whatsoever. These failures only increased my frustration (the physicians who examined me were horrified but offered no solutions) and I lived in a state of impotence and hopelessness. After several years, it had become impossible for my wife to bear my constant snoring with intervals of authentic sleep apnea. She finally overcame my resistance and persuaded me to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist in Rome, who in turn advised me (for which I am truly grateful) to consult Armando Boccieri, an authentic specialist in rhinoplasty. The long wait was finally over. The operation was complex above all because of the results of my earlier surgery. Various grafts harvested from an auricular concha were required to replace the missing cartilage. I have enjoyed a whole series of improvements and benefits since the operation in both functional terms – as regards respiratory dynamics, especially at night, with the recovery of prolonged and healing oneiric activity – and behavioural terms, with improved relations in the family, affective and working spheres. Nearly two years since the operation, I am delighted to report an authentic transformation of my everyday life, which improves in qualitative terms day after day. I cannot therefore do other than express my deepest gratitude to the operating surgeon Armando Boccieri, who has enabled me to regain both a satisfactory degree of respiratory functionality and self-confidence and assurance in private and professional life.

                                    C. E.


 Testimonial from the patient

I am here to witness my personal experience. About 13 years ago I decided to underwent  nasal surgery for a cosmetic problem, inexperience made me go to a doctor recommended by a friend. After the first surgery, I began right away to have respiratory and aesthetic problems: my nose was completely "collapsed". In the throes of a constant desperation, I contacted again the doctor who operated on me and after a few months I underwent a new surgery that permanently worsened the situation, already compromised. The negative outcome of the operation brought about in me years of isolation and loss of self-esteem. In order to resolve definitively, the negativity that characterized me, both physically and psychologically, I performed much research on specialized professionals in the field of rhinoplasty reconstruction. After numerous attempts and advice, I contacted Prof. Boccieri that immediately struck me for its professionalism and sensitivity. By virtue of this, I decided to trust his competence and after six hours of surgery and subsequent monitoring visits he made me regain my natural appearance and consequently self-esteem. I will remain forever grateful to him! In fact, apart from the great professional competence, he has always shown me great sensitivity and psychological closeness, sending me the confidence that gave me the strength to face further surgery succeeded to perfection.

                                                    M. F.


 Testimonial from the patient

After undergoing two unsuccessful operations of rhinoseptoplasty in a clinic in my town, I decided to contact Prof. Armando Boccieri on the advice of a plastic surgeon. Needless to say, I was extremely worried and anxious about the third operation, but the desire to look in the mirror once again without dismay and the need to breathe properly helped me to have new confidence in doctors. It is now about three months since the operation and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the aesthetic and functional results. Prof. Boccieri and of the team did an excellent job. Writing this testimonial to their work and above all their courage to shoulder the responsibility of a third operation is the least I can do to thank them.

                                               A. B.