Dr. Armando Boccieri

I am a trained plastic surgeon specialized with a background in public hospitals and years of experience with colleagues and patients, first in the fields of ENT and plastic surgery and then in maxillofacial surgery at the San Camillo hospital in Rome, where I am currently head of the specialized department of nasal surgery.

The great interest I developed many years ago in rhinoplasty has become the authentic passion that inspires me today. I was very lucky to have extraordinary masters, both inside and outside Italy, and be able to learn invaluable secrets by working with them. Among these great names in nasal surgery, I am indebted above all to Prof. Lionello Ponti, my head of department for many years in San Camillo, and Prof. Russell Kridel, with whom I had the opportunity to work in Houston and to learn special surgical techniques that I have since performed and made known in Italy.

Prof. Lionello Ponti

Prof. Lionello Ponti

Prof. Kridel

Prof. Kridel

Se ripenso a quando è nato in me l’interesse per la rinoplastica, devo fare un salto indietro a molti anni fa. Ben presto questo interesse si è trasformato in una vera e propria passione che non mi ha più abbandonato. Ho avuto la fortuna di avere alcuni maestri straordinari, sia in Italia che all’estero, e di poterli seguire imparando i loro preziosi segreti sulla rinoplastica. Tra questi grandi della rinoplastica il ricordo va soprattutto al Prof. Lionello Ponti, mio primario per tanti anni al S. Camillo ed al Prof. Russell Kridel, con il quale ho collaborato ad Houston. Il Prof. Kridel mi ha anche dato la possibilità di apprendere alcune speciali tecniche chirurgiche che poi ho eseguito e divulgato a Roma e in tutta Italia.

Why choose Dr. Boccieri

When I perform a rhinoplasty, I feel that what I am doing is not so much a job, but more as something that allows me to express both my professional experience and my artistic personality. My passion for rhinoplasty may stem precisely from this: for me, it is a creative act.

Rhinoplasty surgeons require to have a broad range of technical equipment at their disposal to be placed at their patients’ service. Every nose is a unique case, just as every face is unique and every person is different from all the others. This is why I always seek to establish a genuine human relationship with my patients: this is the most important aspect in order to achieve an excellent result. The aesthetic change is not something to be decided upon by the surgeon on the basis of his or her personal taste, but rather something to be agreed upon with the patient, after a careful joint appraisal of what is technically feasible and advisable.

Every nose is a unique case, just as every face is unique and every person is different from all the others.

My experience allows me to deal with any type of rhinoplasty, but in the dialogue with the patient it is important to make them understand that there are more or less difficult cases and that a secondary rhinoplasty is much more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty. In the case of secondary rhinoplasty, in fact, when I intervene to correct the result obtained with a primary rhinoplasty, the tissues have already been touched and altered and do not allow the same malleability of the intact tissues. Therefore, the final result of a secondary rhinoplasty, while achieving a substantial improvement, is never completely predictable and the patient must keep in mind that perfectionism cannot be guaranteed.